Friday, November 21, 2014

Jackie Evancho talks about her Pets

We’ve already heard a few interesting things about Jackie Evancho, the crazy talented 14-year-old classical-crossover singer. Now we get to hear all about another one of her favorite things: Her pets!

The video shows Jackie playing with one of her dogs, and she goes on to name just how many pets she has, explaining, “My best friends are my pets. We have four dogs, one snake and one frog as part of the family.”

She goes on to talk about why she loves dogs, in particular, so much, saying: “Dogs are such sweet creatures with good souls and hearts. My favorite thing to do is snuggle with Maggie.”

Jackie’s even gone that extra mile to try and help out animals, by volunteering her time to charity. She says, “I’ve done charity work for Mission: Humane and hope to get more involved in the future by doing more charity work.”

Jackie Evancho on her Journal Writing

Considering how creative Jackie Evancho is, we’re not surprised to discover that one of her favorite activities is writing!

In the video above, we see the immensely talented, 14-year-old classical-crossover singer writing down her thoughts in a journal. She talks about her writing efforts, which include a few different types of writing, saying: “When I’m in a reflective mood I write in my journal. It’s usually whatever pops into my head. Sometimes it’s lyrics and poetry and writing helps me focus and express my feelings.”

Jackie goes on to talk about the different places that inspire her to write, saying: “I also write when I’m on vacation or in a new place.” We totally feel the same way about words and how inspiring they can be (seriously — how else do you think we express the way we feel about One Direction?), so we know exactly where Jackie’s coming from.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Jackie Evancho and Friends for UNICEF`S #IMAGINE Project

Jackie Evancho speaks at the UNICEF launch of the #IMAGINE Project to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Rights of a Child at United Nations on November 20, 2014 in New York City.

Jackie Evancho Talks Fashion + Shopping [VIDEO] by Michelle McGahan November 19, 2014 12:34 PM

In many ways, Jackie Evancho is not your typical high school freshman: She’s a classical crossover artist with a gorgeously stunning voice well beyond her 14 years. But like most other teens, the ‘America’s Got Talent’ star loves fashion.

“I love wearing lace, florals, and anything comfortable,” Jackie recently revealed in the video above. In fact, she’s so much about comfort that she’d don sweats most days if it were socially acceptable.

“I’d wear sweatpants every day if I could,” she joked.

And while Jackie also revealed that she loves to go shopping with friends and try on different clothes, she explained that she’s pretty organized when it comes to what she wants to wear any given week.

“I try to plan a week’s worth of outfits,” she said. Pretty impressive!

Watch Jackie Evancho discuss her love of fashion and clothes in the video above, and be sure to stay tuned on PopCrush all week for more Jackie Evancho vids!

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Jackie Evancho Talks Drawing [VIDEO] by Ali Szubiak November 18, 2014 2:15 PM

Despite her young age, 14-year-old Jackie Evancho has gotten some serious attention because of her incredible classical crossover voice. Her latest album, ‘Awakening,’ even debuted at number 1 on the Billboard Classical Albums chart.

Jackie — who recently started her freshman year of high school — decided to dish on another one of her favorite activities: drawing. In the video above, she talks about how much she loves creating art because it’s so relaxing.

“Drawing is one of my passions,” Jackie says. “I spend a lot of time drawing because it makes me feel relaxed. I love drawing with charcoal and colored pencils. I bring a sketchbook wherever I go because art is one of my favorite things to do. It’s one of my electives in high school.”

Be sure to check out the video above to get a sneak peek at one of Jackie’s awesome drawings!

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