Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Two years ago Today the Mayor of Pittsburgh proclaimed that Oct. 16, 2011 be declared "Jackie Evancho Day".

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Reporter Lynette Chilcoat interviewed soprano prodigy Jackie Evancho before concert at the Budweiser Events Center cancellation.

In a telephone interview from her hometown of Pittsburgh she came across as politely humble, almost shy. Like any other girl entering the teenage years, she wasn't always certain how to respond, somewhat hesitant at times about the way to word her answers. Yet, she also realizes that she has made it to the big time and is appreciative for where she is at today.
The best part of being famous wasn't easily narrowed down for Evancho.
"There are a lot of things," said Evancho. "I get to travel all over the world and meet lots of people. I think my favorite is that I get stopped by people along the way and they tell me how much they like my singing. And, even though I don't have the public school experience, I'm willing to give that up to be able to sing."Read complete interview HERE.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Jackie Evancho is scheduled to perform at Fantasy Springs Saturday, Dec. 14.

Though not officially announced as a Christmas show, you would expect her to perform a few songs from her two holiday albums.Read complete article HERE