Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Vote for Jackie Evancho "Most Beautiful Singing Voices" from The Top Tens!

Jackie Evancho's voice with its pure rich tone, wide range and perfect pitch is the most beautiful musical instrument I have ever heard.
Miss Jackie Evancho~The most beautiful voice I've ever heard this side of the 21st Century--bar-none!
A National Treasure - Headed for International Stardom - The Real Deal. She is truely a Voice of an Angel.
Jackie has a warmth and emotion in her voice that defies description. And, of course, her technical execution is absolutely perfect-- not to mention perfect pitch. I was fortunate enough to see and head her in person in Dallas. I have attended countless other concerts and musicals over the years, and I must say no singer has ever impressed me like Jackie Evancho!. Move heaven and earth if you must, but if you ever have the chance go hear and see her in person!
Her voice is one of the most beautiful things ever heard and she is only 11 years old. She voice is truly incredible so much so that most people have a hard time describing the sheer wonder and awe it inspires. The only thing more remarkable than her voice is her humility.
Jackie Evancho simply has the finest voice ever recorded; you have to back to the 1870's and Jenny Lind [the Swedish Nightingale] to find a voice on her level.

Only 11 years old, Jackie's beautiful tone and perfect pitch are astonishing, as is her overall musicality.

David "the Hitman" Foster [who has produced everyone from Barbra to Whitney to Celine to Mariah]said: "I have never heard anything like this! "
The most beautiful voice in recorded history. She has it all: perfect pitch, beautiful tone and phrasing, can also sing harmony in duets.
Jackie Evancho has one of the most magnificent voices of this or any century; truly a voice for the ages.

Jackie is one of a bare handful of musicians in history who can literally "become" the music, and is also one of the very few singers today who requires no electronic enhancements; she is in fact better than the equipment.

Seeing her in live performance is like seeing the legendary performers of old; any music lover should make it a lifetime goal to see Jackie Evancho in concert.
Clear, pure, and beautiful. Her voice has a bell-like quality and her pitch is perfect. She does not slide up to notes in her upper register. She goes right to the center of the note every time. There is no audible break as she changes from low, to mid, to upper register. Throughout her range, her voice has the same rich tone.
Good singers can transform a song. Jackie can also transform and transport the listener, to a place where all things are possible, with unparalleled sound, even while showing that transparent normalcy now stands out from the crowd of gimmick-mongers.

Jackie is great already, at age eleven. She continues to improve as time goes by. We can only marvel at her sound now, and wonder what the future will bring as she matures.
I do not recall a more a pure and beautiful tone in my life. Her beautiful tone is present throughout her wide range.
I've never seen anyone become immersed in the music the way Jackie does. The transformation from exuberant eleven year old, amazed at the fuss and her surroundings, to serious a serious musician who becomes a part of the music she's performing, and then back to the humble and thankful young lady is something to see live, and up close. You'll never forget it. I won't.

I have heard a lot of beautiful voices in my time but I have never had one affect me the way Jackie's does. Those rich, buttery smooth, velvety, sweet, ringing tones she produces are absolutely awe-inspiring. The voice of the millennium! She will shake your soul and she is only eleven!
Simply one of THE great voices of our lifetimes. The emotion in that child, and her ability to convey it to her audience - on the wings of the beauty of that voice. The package is stunning.
Phenomenal talent and a beautiful soul. Just hope the world does not change that in any way!No one comes close!

Every song she sings becomes the definitive version, whether it's The Lord's Prayer, The Impossible Dream, OMBC, and the list goes on.

 No singer has ever connected with her audience as she does: brings tears to your eyes and joy to your heart.

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