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Jackie Evancho : Tiny Desk Concert by Bob Boilen @nprmusic May 23, 2011

Jackie Evancho- Tiny Desk Concert - NPR from Jackie Junkies! on Vimeo. Jackie Evancho: Tiny Desk Concert by Bob Boilen May 23, 2011 — The 11-year-old singer, best known for her rousing appearance on America's Got Talent, performs show tunes, Classical repertoire such as or even a pop tune. Watch Evancho perform Handel's "Ombra mai fu" for a stunned audience at the NPR Music offices. I simply couldn't believe my eyes and ears. Seeing Jackie Evancho sing for the first time is nearly beyond belief. You've seen 11-year-olds, and you've heard beyond-beautiful singers. But rarely are they the same person — that is, until now. Evancho is an American singer of classical crossover material who performs show tunes, classical repertoire such as "Ave Maria" or Handel's "Ombra mai fu" or even a pop tune like Sarah McLachlan's "Angel." The world first heard her when she appeared on the reality show competition America's Got Talent, where she came in second place, yet wowed audiences with a powerful, mature voice that seemed nearly impossible to be coming out of such a tiny frame. She was inspired to sing after watching The Phantom of the Opera, and by age 8, she started entering contests. She put out an independent album in 2009 and released a holiday CD for Columbia Records. But it's her new collection of songs called Dream With Me (out June 14) that will bring her into the spotlight. The album includes appearances from Barbra Streisand and fellow TV singing sensation Susan Boyle, and is sure to impress fans of both. That record includes "Ombra mai fu," an aria Evancho performed at the Tiny Desk for a stunned audience at the NPR Music offices. She clearly is a very happy girl with an amazing musical gift. Enjoy. Credits Michael Katzif (cameras); edited by Bob Boilen; audio by Chris Nelson; photo by Mito Habe-Evans Copyright 2012 National Public Radio. To see more, visit Source: NPR Copyright(c) 2012, NPR

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Via - Review : Jackie Evancho's golden voice proves she's 'Got Talent'

It's easy to forget Jackie Evancho is just 12. Her poise. Her control. Her range. Her voice. Oh, her voice. She mesmerized a sold-out crowd at the Naples Philharmonic on Monday night with that once-in-a-lifetime, hard-to-believe-it-comes-out-of-her-body voice. Part of her charm is her age. But her talent is ageless. The little girl who stole our hearts on "America's Got Talent" proved she's not a made-for-TV anomaly. Her voice and her performance exhausted all of the superlatives in the dictionary. She caused goose bumps with a rendition of "Music of the Night" from the "Phantom of the Opera." It's her favorite song, one that inspired her to become a singer. It also turned out to be the crowd's favorite, as they gave her a rousing standing ovation with the yelps, whistles and cheers normally reserved for a Broadway star. The comparisons are also endless. Jackie showed the innocence of a Shirley Temple with a double-handed wave, an oh-shucks shrug of her shoulders and an infectious smile as she acknowledged the thunderous applause. She caused the crowd to giggle as she sipped on water and later as she skipped off the stage. Jackie showed the maturity of Celine Dion, slaying "My Heart Will Go On," Dion's iconic theme song from "Titanic." And like the line from the song — There's nothing I fear — Jackie soared to hit the highest notes of the acclaimed-but-difficult number. Jackie is even becoming a heartbreaker. After every song, a young boy about her age stood to show his appreciation and at one point made a heart sign with his hands to show his affection. Jackie, with her blonde hair pinned up and matching curled locks shaping her face, showed her sweetness, dedicating "Reflection" from "Mulan" to her mother. "She let me be who I wanted to be and let me choose my own career path," Jackie said drawing "aahs" from the crowd. She drew similar "aahs and oohs" when she walked out for her second set in a sparkling fuchsia and turquoise gown. Her voice even made us believe snow might fall in Naples. She ended the performance with a trifecta of holiday songs including "White Christmas" and an encore of "O' Holy Night," putting an exclamation point to an enchanting night. Jackie showed her ultimate potential in the first set, effortlessly belting out "The Summer Knows" made famous by Barbra Streisand from the movie of "Summer of '42." Her performance Monday night featured many of the made-for-movie hits from her latest album, "Songs from the Silver Screen." It will be only a matter of time before people will be writing movie songs for her to make famous. Trumpeter and special guest Jumaane Smith said it best when he introduced her as the "incomparable" Jackie Evancho. It's easy to forget Jackie is just 12. Then she thanked the crowd for allowing her to come to Naples, and said she and her brother had so much fun here — chasing lizards. The little girl with the golden voice showed Monday night she's more than a reality-TV standout. Jackie is no longer a star in the making. She's already arrived. By TOM HANSON Posted December 12, 2012 at 4 a.m. Editorial Credit : Tom Hanson is a news editor at the Naples Daily News, a pop culture junkie, and a music fan.

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Jackie Evancho via Twitter

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Julie Chen via Twitter : What was your highlight from @thetalk_CBS this week? Tweet me. And if u want to see that segment again check out

Great Programing this week but the highlight for me was the wonderful Miss Jackie Evancho :-)

Tweet Julie and let her know that you Luv Jackie Evancho :-) ...

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Jackie Evancho Coming to the Big Screen Soon !

‘The Company You Keep’
This action-packed, based-on-real-life thriller will keep audiences on the edge of their seats as director Robert Redford carefully doles out revealing clues up until the last minutes of the film. The picture boasts a strong cast, including Susan Sarandon, Stanley Tucci, Julie Christie, and Shia LeBeouf. Redford also stars as the main character in the film, which is based on the American activist group Weather Underground that was formed to oppose the Vietnam War. Its members eventually integrated into society but were under the watch of the CIA for over 30 years. But when one of the activists admits that she was involved in a bombing incident, a whole chain of investigations follow and a reporter uncovers the identity of another member. To be released Nov. 15.

Jackie Evancho and family requesting flu vaccinations

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Jackie Evancho & Tony Bennett at Ironstone Vineyards 8-31-12




Jackie Evancho - Pure Imagination - Ironstone Amphetheater - Murphys, CA 8-31-12

2012-08-31 Jackie Evancho - Pure Imagination - Ironstone Amphetheater - Murphys, CA from Roman Revell on Vimeo.

Jackie Evancho-Tony Bennett - When You Wish Upon A Star - Ironstone Amphetheater - Murphys, CA 8-31-12

2012-08-31 Jackie Evancho-Tony Bennett - When You Wish Upon A Star - Ironstone Amphetheater - Murphys, CA from Roman Revell on Vimeo.

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Jackie Evancho - (Se) Cinema Paradiso + Lyrics

Jackie Evancho - (Se) Cinema Paradiso + lyrics from Jackie Junkies! on Vimeo.

Jackie Evancho @ The Mann Center for the Performing Arts 8-25-2012

                               Taken at The Mann Center for the Performing Arts
                                                Musician: Jackie Evancho
                             Event: Songs of The Silver Screen Tour (opening night)
                                                 Venue: The Mann Center
                                                   City: Philadelphia, Pa
                                                   Date: August 25, 2012
                                               Photographer: Derek Brad

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Jackie Evancho in The Company You Keep - Directed by Robert Redford

The Company You Keep Directed by Robert Redford North American Premiere The story: Robert Redford directs and stars as Jim Grant, a civil rights lawyer and single father who goes on the run when a “brash young reporter” (is there any other kind?) played by Shia LaBeouf exposes his true identity as a 1970s radical fugitive. After the arrest of a fellow Weather Underground member Sharon Solarz (Susan Sarandon), Jim is revealed as a fellow member of the group and skips town. Joining him on the lam is his 11-year-old daughter (America’s Got Talent songbird Jackie Evancho in her film debut). The made-in-Vancouver thriller also stars Terrence Howard, Anna Kendrick, Stanley Tucci, Chris Cooper and Nick Nolte. Talking point: Susan Sarandon, who also appears in the TIFF Special Presentation, the Wachowskis’ Cloud Atlas, has an unlikely cameo in yet another TIFF premiere, The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Angsty teens played by Emma Watson and Logan Lerman act out roles in an audience-participation screening of the 1975 camp classic, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. As a then-newcomer, Sarandon writhes and warbles about being touched by a creature of the night onscreen behind them.

Jackie Evancho: Music of the Movies Excerpt: Jackie Evancho and the Canadian Tenors perform “Come What May”

Watch Jackie Evancho: Music of the Movies “Come What May” on PBS. See more from Great Performances.