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Discover ‪#‎FlashbackFriday‬ with Jackie Evancho's Can You Feel The Love Tonight

Discover #FlashbackFriday with Jackie Evancho`s Can You Feel The Love Tonight <3

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Discover #FlashbackFriday with Jackie Evancho`s Pure Imagination

Discover #FlashbackFriday with Jackie Evancho`s Pure Imagination

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Jackie Evancho: "If something in my music career caused problems in my family, I would leave my career immediately"

By Jordi Picazo & Alicia Uribe

Translated by Ana Ausfeld

She became famous after the contest America's Got Talent 2010. She was invited to sing at the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia, USA, during the Festival of the Holy Father. There, we came together with this artist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

 After many difficulties crossing the checkpoints, we arrive at the Oval, the stage located in Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia. A sunny morning of September 27, artists who were preparing to sing in the Festival that would be assisted by the Pope, one by one across the stage to the soundcheck and prepare details.

 Suddenly the place got full with Jackie's voice, this girl of 15 years old, a sophomore student, this platinum youngest artist who just in US sold one million copies of her album.

 It was nearly 12 pm, and around the stage and surrounding areas, were already thousands of people waiting with excitement the evening event. We greet her after her rehearsal and she came with her father, Michael Evancho, and her younger sister, Rachel. The father escorted her and proudly introduced us: "Here is Jackie!". We realized that he were giving us his great treasure, but then, respectful, he turned and left us with her.

 Jackie is still a normal fun girl and even a little shy. Yes, sure she has a talent that enjoys sharing with the public.

Who invited you to sing for the Pope?
I received the invitation of the World Meeting of Families. I do not know why they chose me, all I know that is an honor and I am very happy to be here.

When you started to sing, did you dream of singing to big personalities?
Everyone has that dream when begins to sing, but I never imagined it would come true. The idea of singing for the Pope not crossed my mind, and I thought it was something very difficult to achieve. But now it came true, I'm very excited!

Have you prayed today to prepare your performance tonight?
No, I have not yet done, but it's a great idea!

What memories do you keep of your beginnings, when you sang at home and discover your talent for singing?
Just remember that whenever I start singing in my house they telling me to shut up please, because I would not stop singing (laughs). But thanks to that my parents realized that I had a good voice and I think that's why they asked me if I wanted to participate in a talent show. That was the beginning.

Since that moment, how your parents encouraged your talent?
They have always supported me. They telling me the things I did well, and that was bad. They guided me, making sure I did not become a 'diva'.

What say your friends and your classmates about your talent?
They do not comment much because they know that when I'm at school or at home I want to be a normal girl.

Do you practice singing every day?
 I practice three times per week, although lately I've begun to practice more.

One of the song that you will sing tonight is "Ave Maria". How do you feel when you sing this song?
In general, when I sing, many emotions cross my mind. I think I can fail, and I get nervous. But when I sing "Ave Maria" is different, I never feel that way. I'm always calm and I am sure that I will do it well.

You have a special feelin with the Virgin Mary when you sing?
I am Catholic and "Ave Maria" is a way of praying.

What is the next step on your career after tonight? You're still very young and you got to sing even for the Pope...
I just want to keep singing, growing in experience and become more famous (laughs).

How do you imagine in ten years? You will continue singing?
I will continue singing, which is what I do best, and will travel around the world, singing.

For a public career, a physical appearance it is often very important. What does beauty mean to you?
Do not think about it, I know that in showbiz is something important, but it should not be, because what matters in the end, after all, is the talent, not your appearance.

Is there anything you want to say to young people struggling, like you, to achieve their dreams?
Yes. I would tell them to achieve their dreams, fight tirelessly for them; people are going to say, again and again, that is not good enough, they will not get what they want, but that's only because they think they would not be able. They should ignore these comments and go ahead, follow the instinct.

Jackie in Family

How is your day by day?
On any given day, I wake up at six o'clock and go to school. Back home at 2:30pm, and then I stay in my room taking a nap. I do not do anything concrete until dinner.

Do you have any hobbies?
In my free time I like to draw, write poetry and read stories.

How many siblings you have?
I have three siblings: an older sister of 17 years old and a brother and a younger sister, of 13 and 11 years old.

How is your relationship with them?
We get along great, but of course we sometimes have disagreements, but we are a very close family.

What moments share between? Do you travel?
We share many moments, normal among kids of our age, but we do not often travel together. When we do is, however, amazing, a gift to be together.

Your mother will be here tonight to accompany you?
She is at home; could not come to Philadelphia.

What means your family for you?
My family comes first for me, and if something in my music career caused problems in my family, I will leave this career. Family for me is the most important thing.

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Discover ‪#‎FlashbackFriday‬ with Jackie Evancho`s My Heart Will Go On

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Discover ‪#‎FlashbackFriday‬ with Jackie Evancho`s What A Wonderful World

Discover #FlashbackFriday with Jackie Evancho`s What A Wonderful World <3

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